ChatterArtists of the Month June 2008

Greetings everyone!

Edward Badham
Last month (May) we were so concentrated on including all of those many events that we completely forgot to feature our “client of the month!” So this month, I’m starting off with my client Edward Badham.
Edward and I have had an entertaining ride along the editing highway so check out his newly revamped website.

© Edward Badham

Susan Vogel

And for this month (June) I am featuring a couple of the “ladies” – so check them out.
First up is my client Susan Vogel, based in San Francisco. We’ve never met but we have had a great time working together in order to produce a brand new look, presentation and website for her.


composite of woman with goggles swimming in desert scene with mountains in background

© Susan Vogel

Karen Kasmauski
And last but definitely not least, National Geographic photographer Karen Kasmauski based in Washington, DC. I met Karen and her husband, National Geographic Photo Editor Bill Douthitt last year and I spent the majority of our session talking about ideas and options for upgrading their website and highly recommended liveBooks to them. Nothing happened for a while and then, to my delight, I received an email from Karen showing me their brand new website. This was a client that had no need for an editor but I was very happy to be a part of the process in terms of helping them to move their presentation to another level. The volume and quality of the work is stunning! Take a look.

© Karen Kasmauski

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