ChatterArtists Summer 2008- Illustrators – Jim Stewart

Greetings Everyone!
So here we are – it’s Summertime in the city and it’s humid!
This bulletin will be for both July and August as there are fewer events going on and things slow down.
And, as I have a few clients who are all in the process of finishing up their new websites and image edits,
I thought it would be fun to feature some of my illustrators in this bulletin!
I have worked with a few illustrators/animators on their marketing and websites in the past couple of months.
So enjoy their work and have a wonderful Summer everyone!

Clients of the Summer
Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart is a wonderful “whimsical” illustrator who splits his time between Canada and Hawaii.
We recently revamped his website in preparation for a brand new email marketing campaign.

© Jim Stewart

Dave Joly
Dave Joly is an extremely funny and talented animator as well as an illustrator.
Not only do I happen to love his work but we had so much fun working together.

© Dave Joly

Chelsea Brewer
And for my third “client” I’m featuring my assistant Chelsea Brewer!
Chelsea and I met a year ago now at the PDN annual party and she has been working for me since last September. It’s thanks to her that this bulletin goes out every month, let alone all the other things she does for me (usually computer-related!) Her work will be on view at this very cool little lower east side cafe called 88 Orchard for the months of July and August. I’m very excited for her to be showing her photos. Way to go Chelsea! Yeah!

© Chelsea Brewer

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