ChatterLog November 2008

Greetings Everyone!
I am so thrilled to dedicate this month’s bulletin to our 44th President Elect – Barack Obama! It has truly been an exciting and moving experience to be part of such a historical moment. To see the faces in the crowds – of all races and colors and creeds – was truly inspiring. And as my sister said in a very excited email, it is not just America, but the whole world that needs this sort of change and inspirational leadership. And for that reason, we are highlighting a couple of my clients’ images of our next president.

In addition, this “Obamabulletin” will also include some December events and holiday parties. So mark your calendars now – the next bulletin will not go out until nearer the end of the year! And don’t forget to check out my Creatives Round Table Panel on Tuesday, November 18th @ Adorama!
This is a brand new line-up with seven fantastic industry creatives!

And most importantly – Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
With a brighter future ahead, may we all have something to be thankful for this year!


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