ChatterLog January 2009

Greetings Everyone and welcome to the year 2009!
Just a little recap from the last bulletin – and a month of winding down and Holiday parties.
I attended my usual trio of parties – APA, ASMP and ASPP. I did not make it to the ADC or Adorama parties though. I noticed, for the most part, that everyone had definitely “cut back” this year but it didn’t prevent a jovial atmosphere and a decent dose of Holiday cheer.

APA had a great turnout for their Holiday Gallery Opening but no food, gee, I’m glad I ate something before I went to that one! ASMP had food and door prizes in a location that was mysteriously underground and included an old bank vault. At that particular party, at least three photographers came up and showed me new work on their iPhones! Times-they-are-a-changing… ASPP had food but no door prizes this year. This was especially disappointing for my friend, photo editor Laura Wyss and I, as we had literally sealed our friendship one year when she generously gave me one of the many door prizes she had won – which was the infamous “Turtle” Calendar! Well, we got over the lack of prizes and found much entertainment in the fact the restaurant had double-booked by mistake that night, so there was a confused party of revelers in one corner wondering why we were all there making so much noise and sharing their party space! Another personal highlight for me was sitting at a table, like the Queen, and having Darryl Perry, the Wall Street Journal’s Photo Editor, fetching me plates of salmon from the buffet table! Marvelous!

So now, here we are in a new year and everyone is slowly starting to get moving again. I’m someone who finds it particularly difficult to get going at this time of year. In my mind, we should all be following the animals’ example and hibernating until Spring. However, the bills need to get paid and it’s “tax” time, so that is not possible! So, in the spirit of giving I would like to extend to my clients a rewards offer. For any of you that “refer” someone to Chatterbox, and they become a new client, you will receive a free half-hour consultation in return.

And one more thing – have you all noticed how many photo contests are out there now? There are dozens, literally. Every day I get an email about another one. So in the spirit of competition, Chatterbox is having its own contest! It’s the ChatterContest “Louisa needs a new portrait!” This goes out to again, my clients, as well as any local NY photographers. I have been wanting a new photo for promotional purposes for a while now. The one I have been using, which I’ve always liked, was taken by one of my first clients, Thomas Hart Shelby. I’m not always comfortable having my picture taken (believe it or not!) so I was impressed when he was able to capture something fabulous in about 5 minutes, that didn’t require a lot of re-touching either! I might need more retouching now seeing as this is several years on… Anyway, I thought this would be a fun thing to do. And guess what, there’s no entry fee!

My last shout out goes to my dear sister, Charlotte, who has a birthday this week! She has also provided us with the tip of the month and I have to say, I checked it out, and it works! Nice one Sis! Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2009!


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