ChatterTip of the Month Holiday 2010

Miscellaneous Travel Tips

© Howard Chaloner

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ChatterQuote Holiday 2010

ChatterQuote is a new section inspired by my mother. Every night before going to bed, we would take the big Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, open it to a random page and blindly place our finger on whatever spot felt right – and then we read our “quote of the day” – no matter where our finger had landed. And interestingly, the quotation always seemed pertinent to what was going on at that time. We got a lot of enjoyment out of this little bedtime ritual, so I thought it would be fun to have a quote every month. This month’s quote is also inspired by my father, and ties in nicely to this month’s Travel theme.

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ChatterArtists Holiday 2010

Continuing on with our theme of Sagittarius who loves traveling to far-off places – this month and for the first time, we are featuring travel photographers! Off course, most photographers want to be a travel photographer – who wouldn’t want someone to pay them to travel the world and take pictures?

Jimmy Williams

Starting us off on our travels we have Jimmy Williams, a photographer who has been around for a few years and was an advertising client of mine when I was at the Black Book. Some photographers like Jimmy, may not be known exclusively for their travel work, but often their travel and location imagery has been used for advertising as well as editorial and stock. Jimmy is also a living testament to the fact that you do not have to live in New York or Los Angeles to be successful. Jimmy Williams Productions is a high-class operation based in Raleigh, North Carolina, okay? Not only does Jimmy have standout work, and is clearly a superstar in my mind, he also knows that there’s no “I’ in team. He always has great people around him including Natalie Ogura, his long-time producer!

Tuscany, Italy

© Jimmy Williams

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David Bergman – ChatterCorner Holiday 2010

Check out my latest article for PhotoServe’s Features section on NY-based “action” photographer and video producer David Bergman. And, as someone who is constantly traveling, whether he is covering the World Series or shooting backstage with Bon Jovi, he certainly fits this month’s theme perfectly!  To read the full article please click on this link: David Bergman November2010

Bon Jovi in concert at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA on April 2010 © David Bergman