ChatterTip of the Month Holiday 2010

Miscellaneous Travel Tips

© Howard Chaloner

With this month’s theme being Travel, it is probably pretty obvious that our ‘tips’ are going to be associated with the same topic! Even though traveling has indeed changed and security measures may be tighter, there are certain tips that remain timeless, mostly because they simply make sense. Many photographers travel, of course, and over the years, they too become “seasoned” and know exactly what to take, and what to leave out. For them, the worry used to be about whether the x-ray machines would ruin their film or not, but now we are predominantly in a digital world, and instead they just dismantle all of your cameras and lens instead. So here are a few of my own travel tips:


♦    Take less than you think you need – especially now they charge for your bags!

♦    Consider lightweight fabrics, such as silk, great in both hot & cold climates

♦    Roll your clothes rather than attempting to keep everything folded and flat

♦    Put the heavier items at the bottom of your bag, such as shoes & toiletries

♦    Place small items inside your shoes, and put shoes in a plastic bag

♦    Pack an extra duffel bag in your luggage, and use it as a 2nd bag on your return

♦    Use luggage with wheels, seeing as they make you walk miles to the departure gates!

♦    For ladies, carry a large scarf/shawl/sarong/blanket – no matter the climate

♦    Make sure your luggage is labeled, put a business card on the inside as well

♦    Save time by checking yourself in ahead of time on the airline’s website


♦    Drink plenty of water – at least one glass for every hour of flying time

♦    Check out the Homeopathic remedy “No Jetlag” available at health food stores

♦    When crossing the Atlantic (especially Eastbound) try day flights instead of night

♦    Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine to lessen the dehydration and eat lightly

♦    Get up, walk about and stretch your legs during the flight


♦    Did you know that when using your NYC Metro card you actually have 2 rides for each fare? So take advantage of those free transfers – you can go from bus to subway, subway to bus, or bus to bus, (but not subway to subway, unless it’s a free underground transfer at that station) – and providing it is within a 2-hour time limit. I often use this little trick when I’m running an errand by taking a bus uptown and the subway back downtown, thus only using one fare instead of two!

♦    Check out for cool travel directions in multiple cities

♦    Monitor the ever-changing exchange rates at

♦    Keep an eye on the weather forecast at

♦    Guide Books such as Lonely Planet, Frommer’s & Fodor’s to help plan your trip

♦    Read traveler reviews for hotels & vacations on

♦    Bizarre website dedicated to Airline food!

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