ChatterTip of the Month November 2011

Tips for your “Private Parts”

I’m sure many of you have heard of the term “Private Parts” used to describe one’s genitals, reproductive or sexual organs. The sign of Scorpio rules over those intimate, personal or private parts, which is no big surprise really, because Scorpios are very sexual people to begin with, and they are also very secretive. Thus we associate “privacy” or “secrecy” to that region of the body (unless you are a nudist, of course!) It is generally not thought of as normal in our society to walk around exposing these private parts of our anatomy to all and sundry – instead they are reserved for intimate relations usually performed in private.


Prostate Problems – ranging from simple enlargement of the Prostate, to either chronic or acute inflammation known as Prostatitis, or worse still, Prostate Cancer. This is the 2nd most common form of Cancer found in men, so guys, get yours checked regularly. Here are some natural remedies for a healthy Prostate. Interestingly, in Chinese herbalism, Prostate Problems are thought to be the result of excess dampness [there they go, living in those damp places again!] and stagnant “qi” [the Scorpio swamp is definitely stagnant!] and the recommended herbs are Cinnamon BarkCork Tree Bark and Water Plantain [notice we said “water” plantain, not green plantain, not brown plantain, but “water” plantain!]. In traditional herbal medicine, they recommend eating Watercress leaves as often as possible to help alleviate an enlarged prostate. Sesame Seeds are said to aid in maintaining and enhancing one’s sexual vigor, and Pumpkin Seeds are a male sexual tonic also used in the treatment of Prostate Problems [notice that pumpkins are seasonal to this time of the year and the sign of Scorpio] Saw Palmetto is able to reduce the inflammation of the prostate, and suggested vitamins are LecithinCalcium & Magnesium, also an increased intake of Zinc can help prevent and treat Prostatitis.


Thrush or Candida – commonly known as a “yeast infection” is caused by the yeast organism candida albicans, which lives naturally in the vagina, as well as in the mouth, bowels and to some extent the skin as well. It only becomes a problem when there is an overgrowth of it. Antibiotics, immune-suppressive drugs, or a compromised immune system and stress can all encourage excess growth resulting in what is known as Thrush. First of all, who on earth came up with the name Thrush? Other potentially aggravating factors are wearing excessively tight clothing, a high sugar intake, poor personal hygiene or using overly scented bath oils or soaps. The good news is guys that women seem to suffer more from Thrush than men! So no big surprise, but we return to our faithful friend and natural healer Apple Cider Vinegar, which can be made into a simple douche with warm water, and if you’re feeling really brave make a douche with 2 pints of warm already-boiled water and add just a tiny drop of Tea Tree Oil. Or, you can simply sit in a bowl of warm water with either a little Apple Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice. This will correct the pH imbalance and help to maintain an acid environment. Live Yoghourt is another great treatment and encourages growth of healthy bacteria thus preventing fungal infection. It can be applied for both vaginal and oral thrush and should be eaten in the diet as well! You can also take the vitamin supplement Acidophilus to help restore healthy bacteria in the body. Antifungal herbs include CalendulaCinnamon & Rosemary.

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