Opposites, Opposition & the Number 7 – ChatterLog October 2012

Greetings everyone and welcome to the October or “Fall” ChatterBulletin, and the sign of Libra. Some of you may have noticed there was no newsletter last month, and the reason for that is true to my Leo self, I put my back out (again) in August and as a result couldn’t comfortably sit at the computer to write. So I was forced to rest up and decided to give you a bumper newsletter for the “Fall” instead, and here we are! So what should our theme for this month be? Regarding the sign of Libra, we have previously talked about balance and last year it was manners, so what other characteristics does the Libra personality exhibit? I’m going with Opposites and Opposition, and here’s why:

You may recall in the August ChatterLog, I mentioned that the sign sitting opposite Leo is Aquarius, and in Astrology, one of the key things I have learned from my teacher is this – when considering any sign of the zodiac, we should always consider the sign sitting opposite. Why? Well, how’s this for starters? We have a Full Moon in Aries as I write this, and we’ve already entered into the sign of Libra as far as the Sun sign goes… so notice that Aries and Libra sit exactly opposite one another on the zodiacal wheel. And yes, when we head into the Sun sign of Scorpio next month, guess where the Full Moon will be? If you said Taurus, you’re correct. This is not merely a coincidence, this is a structure that was set up by the ancients, and it is no accident that each of the 12 signs sits opposite another sign – a specific sign. It is not random – it is by design. The sign sitting Opposite another sign is there for a jolly good reason!

Opposites Attract

Consider this as well: With Aries being our 1st sign of the zodiac, Libra, the 7th sign sits exactly 180 degrees across from Aries, thus giving us our 1st pair of Opposites. We’ve all heard of the expression that “opposites attract” and yet right there we have a bit of an oxymoron, right? We’re saying that 2 people who are at placed at opposite ends of the pole are in fact, attracted to one another? Why is that? Well, think of it this way, whatever one sign is good at, the sign sitting opposite is not, and so the one sign often makes up for the faults of the other. Let’s take our Libra who, for the most part is known for their good manners, social graces, and natural ability to communicate. Aries, on the other hand, are not known for their flowery speeches or natural etiquette; they’re too busy charging ahead with their pioneering and inspirational ideas to be bothered with a whole lot of social graces. And where Aries can be a bit “rough around the edges” our Libra will pick up where they left off by polishing and refining their ideas and communicating them most beautifully. Aries is the “rolling stone that gathers no moss” while Libra takes that rough rock and turns it into a jewel.

So then what does the more primitive Aries provide and teach our diplomatic Libra? One of Libra’s problems is their inability to actually make a decision. They are so concerned with making sure that everyone else’s needs are taken care of, they forget about what they want or need, and as a result waiver with their own decision-making. They would rather surrender than actually take a side! But not our Aries, they shoot first and ask questions later, so their decision-making comes without a lot of thought, whereas the Libra tends to overthink! If you look at each of the 6 pairs of signs in the zodiac, you will start to see how they do in fact both compliment and oppose one another. And you may even find yourself exhibiting some of the characteristics of the sign sitting opposite your own sign, and now you know why. Like Salt & Pepper, you can’t have one without the other!

Salt & Pepper © Louisa J. Curtis

I wrote a paper on the topic of Opposition as part of my studies in Astrology, and it was a fascinating study. Everything in nature has its Opposite – everything in nature is Polarized – Sun & Moon, Man & Woman, Day & Night, Light & Dark, Hot & Cold, Sweet & Sour – all these are complete opposites from one another, and yet they totally belong together. This also brings us back to the diplomatic Libra whose job it is to 0 the two poles, and bring them both together. They are able to take the conflict between the two opposing sides and open them both up to the possibility of communication and ultimately resolution. Libra is able to take confrontation and turn it into co-operation.

But back to our Aries and Libra – our first pair of Opposite Signs in the zodiac. We know that the Number One comes first, which is why Aries is the First Sign, the Number One, the one who starts it all off. But let’s consider the significance of the Number Seven for a moment. Just think about how many instances in our everyday lives do we find the Number Seven? Let’s start with the Seven Days of the Week, and the Seven Colors of the Rainbow, there are Seven Musical NotesSeven Chakras of the Body, or how about the Seven Deadly Sins and a Seven-Year Itch? And that’s just for starters…

In closing, I would like to thank all of our readers and many contributors as this fall newsletter marks our 5-year anniversary. When I look back at the very first ChatterBulletins, they were very short and quite “bare” compared to what we do now. But without those early versions, we would never have evolved and grown to where we are now. Every single newsletter has been archived on the Blog, in its appropriate category, and I am very proud of all the content we have produced thus far.

And of course, we wish all you Libras a Very Happy Birthday!

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