Tips for Excessive Eating & Drinking – ChatterTip December 2012

Tips for Excessive Eating & Drinking!

Three Tequilas © S&C Graham Photo / Cocktail Images

Remember last time in preparation for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season, we gave you some Tips for Entertaining from our charming sign of Libra, the perfect host of the party. Now with Sagittarius, we have the perfect guest! Well, maybe… The Sagittarius definitely loves a good party, and they love to eat and drink and drink and eat and talk the talk – however, their downfall is that Jupiter, the Ruling Planet of Sagittarius, is also the Planet of “Excess” so they often don’t know when to stop! So with the Holidays upon us once more, Christmas, Office Parties, New Year’s, you know there’s the potential for yet more excessive eating, drinking, and yes, spending. So this month we bring you some Tips for Excessive Eating & Drinking!

Eating & Drinking – Before and After:

  • What to do before you go out drinking!

If I go to a party, or I have to go to more than one event/place in an evening, I usually stick with the same alcohol, because mixing up your alcohol will surely give you a much worse hangover and is perhaps more likely to make you sick! And, I also make sure I have eaten something before I leave home – never go to a party on a completely empty stomach! Unless you are going to a sit-down dinner, it is rare that you get enough “finger” food to really fill you up, or that will be sufficient to soak up the equivalent amount of alcohol you are drinking!

  • What to do the next day when it’s too late!

It’s happened to the best of us, so here are some classic Hangover Cures for the next day when it’s too late! After a late night of partying, we used to hit a Diner or Breakfast Joint and consume fried egg sandwiches or stacks of pancakes – good greasy, yummy breakfast food to soak up all of that alcohol. Sadly, some of the best places here in New York City for those late night/early morning feasts have disappeared. Now, some of you may recall my clients, photographers Shannon & Colleen Graham and their specialty website that features cocktails and liquor. The first image of the festive-looking “Three Tequilas” is from their award-winning book ¡Hola Tequila! So who better than our expert Mixologist Colleen to give us a list of her best Hangover Cures (as featured on, one of which is from Poland suggesting that you drink some Pickle Juice, or how about a Bloody Mary? Looks good to me!

Bloody Maria © S&C Graham / Cocktail Images

Worst Case Scenarios:

  • Food Poisoning – let’s hope not!

Food poisoning is certainly not something you ever want to go through, but when you’re eating other people’s food at catered events, or mass-made meals, such as on a plane, you never know! Drinking Warm Water with a little Lemon will help to cleanse the system, and Honeywill add antibacterial and immune enhancing properties. Years ago I got a bout of food poisoning from something I ate on a plane on my way back from Portugal, and I was really, really sick. I was so dehydrated and weak, I couldn’t eat anything, but my cousin got me back on my feet again by making sure I drank plenty of Gatorade, which is one of the speediest solutions for putting all the Electrolytesback into your system.

  • Vomiting – never fun!

Another thing that you don’t really ever want to experience is vomiting, but excess will do it, or worse than that, excess and mixing your alcohol up! Fresh Ginger, steeped to make a tea, can help to ease the nausea. Drinking some Soda WaterClub Soda, or Ginger Ale all help to settle the stomach and stop the vomiting – you want something plain and with bubbles. Once the system has cleaned itself out, restore the balance by eating “live” Yoghourt and/or take the supplement Acidophilus. Eating a ripe Banana will help to put the Potassium back in the system, and eating a little “raw” Apple that has started to brown, settles tummy upsets, especially in young children.

Additional cures for your Food & Drinking Excess – you can always go back to our July 2010 ChatterTip – Natural Remedies for Stomach Problems!

Thanks also to Shannon & Colleen Graham and Cocktail Images for the images!

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