Tips for Healthy Circulation – ChatterTip February 2013

A couple of years ago in the Aquarius newsletter we gave you some tips for healthy blood and circulation, but this time I’m concentrating more on Tips for Healthy Circulation. Simply put, the body was made to be in motion, we have flexible limbs and joints that need to stay lubricated, but we have become a sedentary species, spending far more time sitting on our backsides than ever!

© Bill Lusk

  • Lack of Exercise!

I know it sounds obvious, but it really is important to remember that we need to Exercise on a regular basis. The engine of the automobile was fashioned after the human body, and if that motor is not maintained, and “run” on a regular basis, it will seize up. It needs fuel, oil and water – and so do we! We live far more sedentary lives than ever before, sitting in front of these computers all day… so even if it’s a walk around the block on your lunch-break, or walking home instead of taking the train – get those legs moving! Many thanks to photographer, and my client Bill Lusk for allowing me to use this perfect “running” image! Cayenne Pepper can be added to any Herbal Tea to stimulate the circulation and warm the body. Ginger also improves the circulation and Mustard baths can help if you suffer from cold or icy feet. Notice these are all “hot” ingredients!

South American Bushmaster Snake © Pete Oxford /
  • Blue or Purple Skin

When a person suffers from poor circulation or a disorder such as Raynaud’s Disease or Acrocyanosis, there may be patches of blue or purple skin, often worse after sleeping. One of the recommended Homeopathic remedies for this is Lachesis, taken from the Venom of the South American Bushmaster Snake. When you are bitten by a venomous snake, the poison enters the bloodstream, and again we are talking about Aquarius and the blood. The Homeopathic remedy Lachesis is used to treat (amongst other things) irritability – I’d be pretty irritable if a snake had bitten me too, so that makes sense… And ironically, on February 10th, 2013 we enter into the Chinese New Year, and the Year of “guess what?” – The Snake! A big Thank You to Giles Manning for providing us with this fabulous image of a South American Bushmaster Snake from the stunning Nature Picture Library!

Beets  Lisa Adams
  • Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins are swollen and twisted veins found most commonly in the legs, and are caused by a weakness in the veins’ valves. (Hemorrhoids are essentially the same thing, just found somewhere else!) Raw Beetroot is said to help Varicose Veins and should be eaten daily as a powerful tonic. Many thanks to photographer Lisa Adams and to her agent Holly Neumann at RepGirl – I was literally preparing this month’s newsletter when I received the RepGirl Valentine’s Day newsletter, in which was Lisa’s beautiful image of – guess what – Beets! So how perfect was that? It also recommended that you increase your intake of Vitamins E & C to help improve blood vessel health. From my precious copy of the Reader’s Digest “What Our Grandmothers Knew” on Improving the Circulation: “If you lead a sedentary life and have a tendency to Varicose Veins, draw up your toes as far as possible several times a day.” Sitting with your legs and feet elevated is another option!

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