Tips using Mayonnaise – ChatterTip June 2013

Tips using Mayonnaise

© Louisa J. Curtis

So my Gemini friend loves sandwiches, but even more than that, he loves his Mayonnaise, and I mean loooves his Mayonnaise! So this month I am giving you a few perhaps unexpected Tips using Mayonnaise, other than for sandwich making [if he can spare it!]. Note also that Gemini‘s color is Yellow, and Mayonnaise is what color? Yellow!

Clean Piano Keys

How’s this for starters? Since the sign of Gemini is connected with “rhythm” musically, here’s a suggestion for when those piano keys start to turn yellow [so now we’re treating Yellow Piano Keys with Yellow Mayonnaise!] They suggest that you “tickle those ivories” with a little Mayonnaise applied with a soft cloth. Wait for a few minutes and then wipe off with a damp cloth, and then buff – the piano keys will apparently look like new!

Condition your Hair

Mayonnaise is already sounding a lot more versatile than I previously gave it credit for, so consider this option: Massage some Mayonnaiseinto your scalp, like you would any conditioner, cover with a shower cap and leave on for several minutes. Shampoo and rinse – the Mayonnaise will moisturize your hair a give it a lustrous sheen.

Keep Plants Shiny

Here’s a trick used by some florists – to make your houseplant’s foliage gleam, simply rub a little Mayonnaise with a paper towel onto the plant’s leaves and they will stay bright and shiny for weeks

Killing Head Lice

Not something anyone ever wants to experience, but should it ever happen, here’s a suggestion that is even recommended by dermatologists so you can avoid those toxic drugs and over-the-counter preparations. Massage a liberal amount of Mayonnaise into the scalp before bedtime, and cover with a shower cap. Sleep with it on, then shampoo in the morning and use a fine-tooth comb to remove any lice. To completely eradicate the infestation, repeat this in 7-10 days.

Relieve Sunburn Pain

I certainly never heard of this one, but summer’s on the way so if you forget your sunscreen and land yourself a bad dose of sunburn, apply Mayonnaise liberally over the affected area. It will apparently both relieve the pain as well as moisturize the skin!

Remove & Soften Dead Skin
When you have hard skin on your elbows and/or feet, rub Mayonnaiseover the dry, rough areas and leave on for 10 minutes. Wipe away with a damp cloth and you’ll be amazed at how it removes and softens the skin [I know, because I checked this one out!]

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