ChatterClient – Ron Glassman

ChatterClient – Ron Glassman

When I was ready to market a new line of photography I turned to Louisa to help me through the process. Having heard her speak and knowing her professional reputation I instinctively felt she was the expert who would deftly shape my ideas and images into a strong and convincing look. She did not disappoint!

New Yiddish Rep’s “God of Vengeance” produced in Dec 2016

Louisa understood my concept and then reviewed (and reviewed) images, pulling out the gems, which naturally lead to the particular galleries. One of her many gifts, and what I found most helpful, is her ability to listen and then guide the process. Her focus was always on the core concept – continually thinking about how images related to what I needed to say. Couldn’t have and wouldn’t have done it without her!

Ronald L. Glassman – theater photographer, writer & film producer – Stamford, Connecticut



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