Former ChatterClient – Chris Crisman

Former ChatterClient – Chris Crisman

I worked with Advertising photographer Chris Crisman some years ago when he was just starting out, and I could tell back then that he had all of the right ingredients to be successful. His imagery was beautiful, and already had a distinct and recognizable style to it, plus he was a smart and thoughtful person who was willing to stay humble and work hard. So it is no big surprise to me that he has done so well and carved out a wonderful career for himself.

Louisa is a fantastic character to have on your team. She is able to craft a distinct perspective of yourself through your images that you just can’t accomplish on your own.

Louisa works diligently to best serve you and get your work on the right track as quickly as possible. Having her on board for the development of a new website and it’s respective edit of my work, I can’t imagine working with anyone else to develop my own image so eloquently. Thank you Louisa.

Chris Crisman – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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