Tips using Oats – ChatterTip April 2014

Before I get into the tips, here’s a nibbly little tidbit for you – as I mentioned earlier I was born in The Year of the Horse and I love Oats, and we know that Oats are one of what we call the Cereals. In Astrology, besides the Planets, we also have what are known as the Asteroids, and Ceres is one of them. The word Cereal comes from Ceres, who was the Roman Goddess of Agriculture (and in Greek Mythology she was Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, who presided over Grains and the Fertility of the Earth). Ceres is connected with the 2nd Earth sign of Virgo and is associated with all Cereals including BarleyOatsRyeWheat and Grasses. Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting…

Horse with Cereal Snack

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Tips using Lead – ChatterTip January 2014

Tips using Lead… As in Lead Pencils – ChatterTip January 2014

Some of my original old notebooks from when I lived and studied in Paris 1981 © Louisa J. Curtis

As I’ve mentioned before, the Planet ruling the sign of Capricorn is Saturn, and Saturn’s metal is Lead, the heaviest of all the metals – another reason as to why we literally feel weighed down by Saturn’s influence.  So this month we are bringing you a few Tips using Lead – Lead Pencils, that is!  However, I must clarify for a moment… Many of you are familiar with the term “lead pencils” and many of us grew up using them for drawing and writing at school. But did you know that most Pencil cores are actually made from Graphite mixed with a Claybinder – that makes sense since Capricorn is after all an Earth sign! The black core of pencils is still referred to as “lead” even though they never actually contained any Lead at all!

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Tips using Chalk – ChatterTip July 2013

Tips using Chalk

© Louisa J. Curtis

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love researching home remedies and useful tips that utilize natural ingredients or items found in your kitchen pantry and around the home (I have done since I was young) and, that I also tie in the tips with the Astrological sign for each month. It’s not just about finding natural cures – it’s also fascinating to me when the cure or remedy uses an unexpected item, just like with the mayonnaise last month! So this month for July and the sign of Cancer, I decided to go with unusual Tips using Chalk.

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Tips using Lemons – ChatterTip May 2013

Tips using Lemons – ChatterTip May 2013

Last year for Taurus we gave you Tips for the Neck and Throat so this time, I am going to give you some Tips using Lemons. Why Lemons, you might ask, since the Citrus Fruits are really the domain of Leo, but then Taurus does hold the “fruits of the earth” in their hands, so let’s just say that Taurus grew some Lemons and shared a few with Leo! But the real reason I wanted to feature Lemons this month is because I have a funny story from my recent visit to the Palm Springs Photo Festival and the photo for this month’s tip is a result of that!

Two Lemons © Louisa J. Curtis

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Tips for Anxiety – ChatterTip April 2013

Since we gave you some Tips for Minor Accidents last year for Aries, this time I’m going with some Tips for Dealing with Anxiety. Whenever you feel anxious about something, it is the Planet Mars at work. Just miss that train? Wonder when the next one is coming? Will you make it to your important meeting on time now? Did you remember to bring the right notes or are they still sitting on your desk at home? Mars literally speeds time up, and because of that Anxiety, we become more prone to those Accidents!

Rescue Remedy © Louisa J. Curtis

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Tips for Healthy Circulation – ChatterTip February 2013

A couple of years ago in the Aquarius newsletter we gave you some tips for healthy blood and circulation, but this time I’m concentrating more on Tips for Healthy Circulation. Simply put, the body was made to be in motion, we have flexible limbs and joints that need to stay lubricated, but we have become a sedentary species, spending far more time sitting on our backsides than ever!

© Bill Lusk

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Tips for a Healthy Back – ChatterTip August 2012

As previously mentioned the sign of Leo rules the Heart, but since we already gave you tips for a Healthy Heart a couple of years ago, this time around we’re going to cover the other area of the human anatomy that Leo rules, and that is your Back, or Spine. So this month we bring you Tips for a Healthy Back. I myself am a Leo and have had a recurring problem with my back for years! Some of you may be familiar with the author Louise Hay, and her best-selling book “You Can Heal Your Life.” After years of study she compiled a list of ailments and the underlying mental and/or emotional issues behind each one. You may scoff, but I guarantee you that her system is very accurate and makes a lot of sense. So anyone with back problems is literally dealing with issues of “support,” ranging from the emotional to the financial. We can treat our ailments from a purely physical point of view, and we can also look behind the physical to see what emotional or mental issues are really going on…

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